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I had to put my dog to sleep. It has been one of the hardest days of my life. I decided it would be best to have a veternarian come to my home instead of having her have to ride in a car and be euthanized at my vet s office instead of her home. Dr. Henehan was a vet I found on the internet. He was the only one who could fit me in that day. He came to my home late and seemed to be in a hurry. When my sweet and affectionate dog approached him he backed up and NEVER once pet her to let her know he was ok. My dog is the biggest baby doll in the world!!! His first words were where do you want this done. I asked that he examine her. He felt her stomach and said yes it is bad....that was the extent of the exam. Then when she was laying on the floor he LEANED toward her from a standing position and jabbed her deeply with the needle to sedate her. It was painful for her and I think he hit her bone. He made no adjustments to how he was using the needle. She never felt needles in the past BUT SHE DID THIS ONE. He just said she did not know what it was. Then before I knew it ...just a few minutes later.....he did a HEART STAB to put her to sleep. For those of you who do not know what this is....look it up! It should ALWAYS be the LAST attempt to put a dog to sleep. No vet or shelter uses this method unless all attempts to get a vein fail. He NEVER tried a vein. It is incredibly hard on their body and it IS POSSIBLE they feel the horrible horrifying effect of the stab. During this who process my dog seizured 4 to 6 times so violently that her bottom canines were embedded in her upper gums. For burial I tried to pull them out and COULD NOT. He told me she seizured because she was a hyper dog. My vet told me he has NEVER had a dog seizure during euthanasia and being hyper has nothing to do with it. Now this is the last memory I have of my pet. It is so heartbreaking for me to think of how she felt for her last moments. I could say more about this horrible visit but I will not. I just want to warn everyone not to use this vet for a euthanasia or any delicate situation where your dog s life is at stake, My hope is that I can prevent the same type of pain he inflicted on me and my dog in our final moments together for others.

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What a loser you are. Blaming a professional when you aren't even a patient advocate yourself. Get a better life!


Stay away!! Better yet RUN AWAY as fast as you can in the other direction of this horrible vet! I honestly believe he is crazy and needs help!


Maybe if you hadn't rushed putting your dog to sleep you would have been spared. Your dog suffered and it's your fault!!!

You should have planned the process out and taken better care to do proper research. You were lazy and in a rush and your dog paid for your ignorance.

I hope you never forget the look on her face or how violent her seizures were. I pray God never blesses you with another pet again!!!!!

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Dr. Henehan, is that you?


I've used him for about a year and have never felt comfortable with him & my cat does not like him AT ALL. I'm very sorry for your loss and terrible experience, but thank you for sharing it with others.

I will now most definitely find another vet.


I have to ask what location city & state is this veternarian from. Also I am so sorry for your loss, losing a loved one is hard enough but, No compassion or Love when it's needed the most.

There are just no words, My heart go's out to you . God Bless you and your Baby.

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He is from Loveland Ohio. Tim was at my house last night.

He has the worst manner with both animals and people I have ever seen with a "health professional". When my cat objected to his rough treatment and ran away, he made several lunges at her trying to snatch her back up. To her credit she bit and scratched him as best she could. He stated that if he had known she would be difficult he would have tried a different approach.

I told him that my cat had never reacted to a vet like that in her 16 years, and maybe he was the real problem. He claimed that Frontline plus (flea treatment) has not worked for many years, and the food we are feeding our pets was killing them quickly. Of course he sold my wife his choice of food and flea treatment.

I believe that he was a carnival barker in a previous life. ( no offense to carnival barkers)


I am so sorry


That is absolutely HORRIBLE...I am so sorry you had to endure that. HORRENDOUS.

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